Samsung Electronics Hellas

Samsung Electronics Hellas and Samsung QuickDrive ™ announced their support for our project and our commitment to conquer the 7 highest summits of the planet, completing the 7 Summit project.


Mary Fryda, Marketing Manager of Samsung Consumer Electronics, explained how Samsung’s philosophy of creating products and services that improve people’s lives is perfectly in line with Christina and Vanessa’s support to achieve their goals.

“The current life style is quite demanding. We are all busy and we have to move quickly to have enough time to do things for our family, for our jobs and ourselves. So we need every valuable help and technology is an important ally in saving time. Samsung has the technology that improves and makes people’s daily lives easier. The new QuickDrive washing machine is a tangible example of this technological innovation and the philosophy of its operation lies on the way the modern man has organized his life. It does it in a simple way, as it reduces laundry time in half, so the other half is time for us – to realize our small or big goals and to dream of the.. new summits each one of us will conquer”


In Samsung, we never saw Christina’s and Vanessa’s effort just as a sporting success, which is why we did not really care about the popularity of the sport. What we appreciated is the two women’s goal to overcome themselves and make their dream come true, inspiring us all. Samsung’s philosophy focuses on making people’s lives easier through its innovative technology. Using this technology helps women who struggle against time in order to cope with all their roles and tasks, earning the time to allow them to realize their small or big goals. Vanessa and Christina, who climb the highest summits of the continents, are an inspiration for all those who ascend their own peaks every day.


QuickDrive™ reduces washing time by up to 50% and energy use by 20%, without compromising cleaning performance. Its Q-Drum™ has a ‘main drum’ & a ‘backplate’ that rotate independently, ensuring clothes move in dynamic action powered by double forces. In the Super Speed setting, laundry is completed in just 39 minutes, saving consumers time to enjoy their lives without compromising on the results of washing, energy efficiency, fabric care and durability.



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