“A Woman can be” is a non-profit organisation aiming to embrace initiatives that inspire people to:

  • – Follow their personal dreams
  • – Never stop loving nature and sports regardless of their age and profession
  • – Work together and support causes that are not “need” related but “dream” related.

After all “A Woman can be” aspires to be the “Dream Factory” that will produce great achievements that make us all proud.


Currently “A Woman can be” supports the project:

7 Summits: The Hellenic Dream

Together, higher!

Vanessa and Christina are two ordinary Greek women with an extraordinary dream: To conquer the highest peak of each of the 7 continents and raise the Greek flag on every summit.

They have already conquered the first 5 summits and became the 1st Greek women’s team to summit Mt Denali (McKinley) in Alaska. Each ascent has been not only a life-changing experience but also an inspiring step towards the most desired Hellenic, female and mountaineering goal… to achieve the 7 Summits your contribution is the key to success.

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